“Leaving” : the post-jam version is done!

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December 16th, 2014 3:36 pm

So we did a post-jam version of our jam entry, “Leaving”!


We’re particularly happy because this is the first game we actually finish after a jam! Our previous jam game has been in post-jam development for almost a year, but this one was already a complete game experience, and all we had to do was to make it more enjoyable for the player.

What actually changed?

-The game is faster : walking is twice faster, using the hammer 150% faster, the rocks have two HP instead of three, and give away loot more than twice as often! No more monotone and tedious farming!

-The game looks better : the background is now prettier and animated! And look at these magnificent butterflies!

-More hints : the texts and the dialogs system have been revised, so the player doesn’t feel lost or confused. We don’t give away the solutions, but a lot of frustrative situations have been removed.

The texts are easier to read : the text boxes are now more opaque, the sentences have been organised into lines and boxes, the keywords now appear in a different color…

A few typos have been corrected : the number of gold or rupees the NPCs trade you wasn’t the same as what you really got in the end, and we hate scam!

-We got rid of the last known game breaking bugs : a few problems with the pathfinding system have been fixed.


You can play the post-jam version of “Leaving” here!


If you haven’t already played it, you can play and rate the jam version of “Leaving” here. :)


Thank you for all your feedback, it helped us a lot to make this new version of the game! And of course, thank you for playing!


The team : @hbombstudio

Paul Joannon (programmation and game design) : @pauljoannon

Matthieu Godet (art, game design and writing): @Kokonaught

DJ Pie (music and sound design) : @DJPIE1337

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