Some animations from our Windows Cleaner Simulator.

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December 14th, 2014 9:22 am

Windows Cleaner Simulator Bank Building

Windows Cleaner Simulator 05 Windows Cleaner Simulator 04

Windows Cleaner Simulator 01Windows Cleaner Simulator 02








Windows Cleaner Simulator 03




Hi, I’m glad to share with you some animated gif of our first LD game, if you whant to discover what is all this water on the floor, why this guy is blushing like a tomato and mutch more, I invite you to try our game. A short point and click adventure with Joseph the windows cleaner.

Their is a lot of mistakes but we are proud of it and hope you will have as much fun to play with it than we had to make it.

Note from the graphist : All the animations are made in Blender, for those intersted here is my .blend file with almost all the graphics assets : here (right click => save as) [use under the terms of a beerware licence]  (I’m not used to make animations at all, that was my first time on a real projet, during the week end, from the first one I did and the last I see the progression, I learn a lot with this project)

Leo from the Instant Noodles team.

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  1. alvarop says:

    The graphics are very unique. They have a low-fi claymation vibe that I haven’t seen before. What were you inspire by?

    • Instant Noodles says:

      In addition to this,
      (@ranska_) really love pixel art. So When léo talk to @Nomys_Tempar and me about LDJAM,
      I told him that i really want pixel art, but it was hard to léo to learn new software in few days.
      So we use blender. The good par of it is:
      1/ saveing time.
      working in web projet for years i knew that it allways hard to reach deadline.
      so pixel3D came like this (yeah !… if I ask the gfx with strong pixelisation..
      we don’t need textures and model don’t need to much polygons so we can keep fucus on animation).

      I have to admit that the work on light is very good to :)

      2/ something spécial is coming.
      I always dream to make a game in the style of “donkey kong country snes” but it is to hard to do.
      I you just pixelate a litel it is not pretty (specially for the face)
      but we try, and we augment the pixelisation and… it was.. interesting
      so we keep it .

  2. Instant Noodles says:

    Nothing in particular. I’m not used to do neither characteres nor pixel art with Blender, so I simplify everithing until I get something I could do in time, easy to build and edit and good looking.

    The mix ambiant light simulation + bright color with pixels was the best I get. :)
    I start with very stylised and during the weekend I start all over to make clean animations setups with more realistics characters.

    At the end it’s just a lot of randomness and some esthetics choices. :)

    And thanks for this comment ! 😉

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