Our Postmortem: DisChord

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December 14th, 2014 11:06 am

You can play our game HERE!



A week has passed since we worked on the development of our game DisChord. First of all, we’d like to THANK all of you who have played the game for all the feedback we’ve recieved. Now, the main points of our adventure working on this project will be discussed here! :)

First, we started working together a week before the LD, with our little Mini-LD project: S.O.S. Seas of Solitude.  It was such an ambitious project, we didn’t manage to accomplish half of what we had intended. Given what we learned from that game, it would become our kickstar for what we hoped DisChord would be.

What went right:

  • Implementation to the theme: We think our approach to the theme (a single screen where the maze components are “projected” into it) was something creative that we managed to get working in a proper way.
  • Simple mechanics gave us more time for the design of the concept, the levels, and debugging
  • Teamwork was awesome during the whole project, by communicating only through Facebook, we did understood each other quite well!

What went wrong:

  • Our game ran short: Even though we had time for working on other things than mainly the mechanics, we initially expected to have around 15-20 levels in our LD entry, but time wasn’t enough for doing all these levels.
  • Lasers: Jorge and Beatrix lost around two and a half hours working on the implementation of the lasers, which then resulted with some of the other audio implementations being rushed into the game.
  • Post-building bugs: We finished the game around an hour before the deadline, so we didn’t have time left for checking bugs after building, and we had some. There are performance issues after going between levels, and also the problem with level 11 which makes the game unbeatable and which and Jorge (our programmer) hasn’t yet found the solution to.

What we learned:

  • The best approach to working on such a tight schedule as a game jam is the simplest: keep it simple!
  • A complex game can’t be made in 3 days, period.
  • Brainstorm shouldn’t last too long, work with few ideas, pick the best one you find, and go for it!


We’re satisfied with our work, and we’ll keep working on it next year and hopefully GET A VERSION FOR ANDROID/iOS, so guess you’ll keep hearing from our game DisChord and us 😀


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