MatchCube – Post Mortem

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December 14th, 2014 1:30 pm

So this was my first ever game jam, I decided to not pressure myself too much and allowed myself to extend into the Jam instead of just the Compo if needed. Which it was! I couldve pushed myself and completed on sunday, but I wasn’t 100% so felt it was a reasonable trade off.

It started out pretty terrible, the theme was so broad and useless I hadn’t got a clue where to start. I got really angry and frustrated! I spent about 6 hours messing around with a simple rts-esque idea that just wasn’t going anywhere good. So decided to scrap it and start again at about 6pm(GMT) on Saturday. I’m seriously happy I did though.


The Good:

– my final idea was simple enough but still left me with the  feeling like I’d at least tried to be a little innovative on the whole match-3 thing.

– I liked the colours that I chose, I like the way they look together.


The “meh”:

– I’d mentally decided that I wanted to do pixel art for this jam. So I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to do any pixelling under pressure!

– The controls to the game were not quite where I wanted. However I feel I made a good choice in not spending too much time trying to figure out the camera rotations, and just settled for something workable.


The Bad:

– My game idea and premise really would feel much nicer if I’d had sound and effects involved. I think it would bring it to life a lot more, and make it more satisfying to get those matches.

– Horrible initial experience, I was angry at everyone who’d voted for the themeless theme! Eventually it worked out. Ugly mood swing though 😛


I feel this went remarkably well considering I picked unity up for the first time roughly 2-3 weeks before the jam. I’m utterly grateful for the people who’ve played my game and given me some great feedback. Those feels <3 thanks guys!


Try MatchCube Here


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