Man on the Field – Post Mortem

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December 14th, 2014 4:10 pm


So, for this jam we went with an idea that was gameplay focused and would be fairly easy to develop. What we ended up with was a surgeon and stress management game called “Man on the Field”.

Play it here!

What went good:

  • The art
  • The feedback telling player what they did wrong
  • The Cursor-over-Wound-whiles-Pressing-Keys-Mechanic
  • The Speech-bubble-Mechanic
  • The fact that you can send out a yet-fully-healed solider out on the field to support your troops
    faster, but doing so will might make the solider die of his wounds before he gets there.
  • General game feel
  • Finishing 95% of the game on day 2 allowed us to do some play testing on friends on day 3, which in turn allowed us to make the game way more intuitive for new players. Also polish.

What went bad:

  • Making everyone understand the point of the speech bubbles (the vast majority did get it, but we’d prefer if 100% did).
  • Not very one agreed with our choice of music. We tried to make music that would be stressful for a 1930’s-1940’s person, and while many like the music, some people didn’t feel it fit the theme of the game.
  • We used a ZXCV layout for our keys. This proved problematic for some european keyboards where Y and Z has switched places.


Things we’d have liked to do if we had the time:

  • Add support for YXCV keys instead.
  • Make the point of the speech-bubble-mechanic a bit more clear for players.
  • Take another look at the music.

Things we’ll remember until next time:

  • – Keep on giving lots of time for polishing. If you have time for play testing, do that too.
  • – If you rely on something that may differ in different places of the world (Such as a keyboard layouts), make sure to make that feature changeable depending on where you live.

Don’t forget to play the game!

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