I made a web version of SumoBall!

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December 13th, 2014 12:08 pm




I finally put up a web version of SumoBall! When the compo was finished, I tried using Game Maker Studio to export to HTML5 and wasn’t too happy with the results. A few of the effects were missing and it ran so sloooow. (except on my new-ish desktop machine) Well I spent a good portion of Friday optimizing the game, to the point that it’s still not as speedy as I’d like, but somewhat-powerful machines can run the game at an acceptable framerate now.

So check it out! Especially if you skipped it because there was previously no web version. (and you have a somewhat-powerful computer)

It’s Pinball plus Space Invaders plus Upgrades! Does that sound intriguing? Mm hmm, you bet it does!


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  1. Bensonance says:

    Have you tried going into the global game settings, clicking the Html5 tab and forcing users to use Web GL? It’ll run a lot faster and most effects (except for additive blending) should work :).

    • flyingbear says:

      Thanks for the tip! I gave that a shot, but since I used the draw_enable_alphablend(false) optimization it’s drawing these filled-in-squares around my sprites where things should be transparent. On my fast computer it’s hard to tell if there’s an increase in speed, but on my slow computer it actually ran slower than with WebGL disabled. Not sure what to do based on that, guess I’ll just leave WebGL off for now…

  2. RollingEggplant says:

    Sweet, thanks for making it easier for the masses to play! ;3

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