Houston: Expedition diary Part 2

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December 13th, 2014 9:09 am

The expedition diary.

Day 2 additional decryption:

We fall asleep only after first successful launch of expedition ship to planet Pandorum – «Hooray!»
It was exciting – finally, all the parts we made during the day now works together as one game – with logic and results.
But cruel clocks show 5:00 at that moment.


At 10:30 the team was already at work again.

We realised, that we have no time for much of functionality we planned to do =(
So we failed to implement in particular:
– Any tutorial
– Visualisation of expedition events (how astronauts install modules, produce food, fight with predators)
– “Houston, We’ve Got a Problem” feature – when we may tell them, how to solve critical issues.
And other things.

But – the game works and we still have something to show on presentation of Jam.
And we showed it.


Other expedition diary data under decryption now.
And you may support our expedition if you rate our game =)
Jam Entry: Houston, We’ve Got a Problem
Please, check the first screenshot before play – there are tutorial stuff.

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