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December 13th, 2014 12:48 am

Playing these games is tons of fun! Here are some I enjoyed so far:

Network Programming – Oh man, the audio on this one is not to miss. You’re trying to reclaim your soul from within a series of TV channels, by doing minigames while some hilarious background audio plays.

Escape Character & OMNI – There were a few “trapped in a computer” games, and these were the best. Escape Character is really on top of its look and feel, while OMNI is really clever about moving the screen (but a little tough to control).

Squishi – There were also a few “rebuild the screen” games, and this one does it best, I think. It also ramps up the difficulty slowly, which is a nice change from lots of the platformers.

Hit and Slide – A networked brawl? Count me in! Has a few mechanics issues, but I found myself playing a lot more of this game than I needed to just to write the review. It’s just fun!

Owls Ever After – Explore your memories and find inconsistencies to get around the fuzzy areas in your past. Also has a really great visual style.

Microphyla – Very Metroid-y. Solid mechanics, lots of fun, very well designed.

Shifting Dungeon – A dungeon exploration game where the dungeon scrolls and shifts around you. Another great take on the theme.

Photo Bound – Took me longer than normal to “get it”, but the concept is solid and pretty clever. Nice visuals, and decent controls.

I’ve been really impressed by the creativity and technical prowess of many of the entries. Really cool games, guys and gals! Keep it up!

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