Tips for next Ludum Dare and any other Jam

December 11th, 2014 10:22 am

Game levels:

There are some games that lead you to another level, but just the same scene over and over, just with shifting of screen and stuff like that. User tend to get annoyed, especially when they do not tell you how many levels, and then after a difficult level, you go back to a static screen as level 1: Rage quitting!

Please guys, at least two levels can add more fun to the game, and time user needs to play it.


Multiplayer (2 player):

There is a numerous number of games, where you can play with another player no the same keyboard (or game-pad) . But think guys, what about single sibling gamedevs/players?

Wouldn’t it be nicer to make a 1 player mode, where he can play against a CPU, and a 2 player mode, in case he has a friend, which in both modes he still gets the same feel of the game?


Multiplayer (online servers):

There are really cool looking games that you can play online by joining a server, and fight/work with other players. However, there are many times only 1 person is testing/playing your game, and would just move around in the empty void looking for a meaning to his existence in the game. I’ve experienced that as well.

Wouldn’t it be much better if you added at least one robot or more, that’d act like a player on the server (maybe a different colour or named bot_348) so even lonely players can enjoy the aspects in the world, and even several players still playing and having fun even while spamming the bots to death? XD


Unbeatable games?:

Of course, if your game is ‘unbeatable’ player ought you rate you low. But what if the game isn’t ‘unbeatable’, but just the players cannot beat it? They would still rate you low, thinking that it is ‘unbeatable’.

Why not make a video of beating it, just as the same as you make time-lapses of your games? Or find a video someone made on how to beat your game, and send a link to that video instead? :)


I could not add in this to me game, so I’m out:

I’ve read many of these posts while the jam was still going on. Either users think they would not have enough time, or they do not know how to add it and give up.

You’ve already gotten countless features in your game, so use it as a prototype for when you actually figure out how to add in those features.

You can also decide to leave out voting categories in case you could not add in music in time, or the game was filled with moving boxes, and gamers are so user friendly, even during rage quitting, they still leave awesome comments, and even if it is a 30 second game, who knows, it might be re-played hundreds of times, just to experience that fun again!

Also, nothing is wrong with google-ing how to draw in text box in flash, or how to enable full-screen in Unity (Jam members, not sure about Compo) It does not even matter if you forgot a line in Java as to how to import a class, or make the JFrame work, and scratch, of you’ve drawn the character in the opposite direction that you wanted it to be!

Don’t let that stop you!


Think about it guys, there are really many things that let us down about our games, or others about it, and there are many ways to deal with them.

Just be patient and do not give up. Even the community give you help for your games, tell you what to take out, and even ideas while livestreaming it, and/or tell you the lines of code you wrote that gave the game the error that you could not fix! 😀

Also, if you’ve got any more tips while in the process of game making, please comment them below. :3

3 Responses to “Tips for next Ludum Dare and any other Jam”

  1. gladers says:

    Would be nice if there was a checkbox to indicate if the reviewer had completed the game or had played it for more than 5 minutes. Or a textbox to say where they got to before reviewing the games. Could be interesting to see how much the reviews can vary.

  2. JoshuaBurr says:

    Maybe it is a bit harsh to say that people have ‘let you down’ by not adding AI to their multiplayer games. I’m sure everyone here is aware that AI is something that their multiplayer game would benefit from but there isn’t usually time to add everything that you want. It is up to the developer to manage their time and decide what features are the most important. (I didn’t make a multiplayer game myself)

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