Our second LD entry & third ever game!

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December 11th, 2014 2:48 pm

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After the fun we had creating Planet Jumper for LD30, how could we say no to creating another fun little game for LD31?

That’s right folks, 4 months have passed since the last #LDJAM event and so it was time for another!

The rules and timings are pretty much exactly like the previous jam, with the theme being revealed on a Saturday morning at 2am…

While we were slightly disappointed with this theme, in our opinion it was better than the snowman theme that had been getting a lot of attention over the previous few days.

And so, we set out on making a game. We called it ‘Pipe Quest’ and you can play it for free here:

Click Here to Play Pipe Quest

We decided to go for a 2D style “precision” platformer game, where you have to make your way through the level as quickly and with as few attempts as possible.

Naturally, there are obstacles in your way preventing you from completing the level too easily – spikes, springs and ice will throw you off balance and send you to back to the beginning on more than one occasion!

We managed to create 10 levels in total – while we originally planned for 12, we ended up having only about 8 complete when there was just 30 minutes of the competition left! For this reason, we of course had to cut down the level count (but still managed to make 2 levels in 30 minutes, which is the fastest level design we’ve ever done!).

The player can jump, double jump & wall jump – with the latter allowing vertical scaling of walls to reach higher points on the map. There’s also your special move: fire punch. This lets you punch through wooden boxes at speed for both getting past obstacles and also gaining an accelerated finish time.

Overall, we’re really happy with how the game turned out. From thought, to design, to complete game in 72 hours, with online leaderboards, a story (kinda), radical music, new experimental lighting, partial animation & the rest!

We’d love it if you felt like giving the game a play (can you get a spot on the leaderboard?) and can’t wait to hear any feedback you may have :)

We can’t wait for the next Ludum Dare either – see you there!

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