Post Mortem(sort of)

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December 10th, 2014 1:05 pm

I did 4 LDs (not to mistaken with LSDs) so far.

LD27 was awesome.

LD28 I did submit while being sick the second day(not due to drugs).

Ld29 was a jam, where all my team-mates broke they’re equipments or got sick, and two days after it I passed out.(not because of drugs)Ld29Capture

I couldn’t participate to LD30, met John Conway instead :)

And LD31:

Here’s the entry.

First LD in a while that went well.
As usual, I forced my self through the painful hours to reach 3 AM using drugs ☃(yes,where I live, the theme is released at that time).
I was really motivated by the fact the theme could be ☃, ☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃!!!!
But no, “the entire game on one screen”.
No idea. Very wordy theme too… Slept, woke up.(without drugs)
Still no idea, decided to definitely add  a ☃ in a shop giving items to the player, while shooting other intruders with a frigin’ gun!
Right, the player,  he moves around. He’ll get jumping, a sword and double jump.
So I made the entire first game part with boxes, and then animated the character:Player_with_swordPlayer_without_sword
(not showing the boxes, they would make my drawings look bad…)
And drew some enemies: Gelure etc. And a background.
The drawing took me more time than coding on the first day(maybe because I am on drugs so bad at it?)
Then I had the idea of… not saying what this is, go see yourself.

Damn I was so motivated to do a post-mortem, seems I’m not after all, have some cat instead 😛 (he is not on drugs)


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