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December 10th, 2014 6:41 am

I’ve notice some people posting their favorite games they played. I think that’s a great idea, as it brings awareness of the better games out there. After all it’s impossible to go through all 2637 submitted games, especially taking into consideration that some games might not be available for platforms available to you.


I have to admit that I usually give priority to games that are playable in the browser, but I’ll still download and play games whose screens catch my attention. In any case, here’s my top 5:



Mini Minotaur – Very nice implementation of audio feedback in combination with pleasant visuals and interesting mechanics


Off Screen – Simple, but pleasant graphics, nice music and the gameplay keeps you hooked for a while


Ragtown – Maybe not so innovative, but the mood set by the visuals and really nice music is worthy


Egyptian Labyrinth – You will have to adjust to controls for a while, but this game has interesting mechanics, and most importantly it features the Wilhelm Scream )


Maze Escape – Graphics might not be its strong point, but the mechanics are evolving in an interesting way throughout the game together with cleverly designed puzzles. Definitely a game for those who like a challenge.


P.S.: Check my game as well if you’ve got time )

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  1. Gins says:

    Whoa thanks for putting my game on your list :)
    Those others you put there look quite cool too, when I got time later in the evening I’ll try all those too!

    I should put together a list of my own top 5, that’s a good idea!

  2. Rodaja says:

    I just played yours, it’d be great if you tried out mine :)

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