Sweet Dreams Bear

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December 9th, 2014 3:10 pm


Whew! Finished my first jam game ever! It’s really funny, I’ve been a little anxious about joining one until I upped my programming skills… Then ended up making an almost entirely art based game the first time. 😛

The game jam went really well! The first hour was very difficult until I decided what I was going to do, then fell in love with the idea. The first two days were awesome! I’ve never worked on something for such a long time and stayed motivated. My body was breaking way before my spirit did (which never really broke at all!) Pulling an all nighter into the third day was very difficult, I started to crash. I hardly had the brainpower to post the game in the end. But I’m really happy with it!

Thank you so much to Holly for helping with the art and my sanity!


Jam stats!

-made in 72 hours

-12 hours of sleep

-7485 frames of animation (XD)

-263 lines of code (So few!)

-2 iced coffees, 1 black coffee, 1 peppermint mocha

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  1. PoV says:

    Love the style. Looks great.

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