Souls — One Team’s 72 Hour Journey

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December 9th, 2014 12:08 pm

My house is quiet now. My friends (6 people) have gone home for well earned rest and to continue their daily routines¬†(jobs). I had a fantastic time. All three game jams I’ve done to date were fun, yet this one was extra special. The theme really had us thinking of the game styles of yesteryear. We wanted to toy with the idea of old screen technologies. It was the first ideas tossed around by our group. We all loved the idea, but “what is the gameplay” we kept asking. The design segment lasted several hours and we all tossed ideas into the bucket. Honestly, our ideas were all over the place. Nothing really cohesively fit w the idea of playing w screen techs, but maybe it didn’t matter… just make any game and render it w shaders to emulate bygone eras. Hindu God fighting baddies won out and off we went.





We all loved the character sketch and went to work.



Initial quick cutup animating in-game w trippy background placeholder art.



First go at playing w shaders to get a monochrome effect. We picked three eras to render, monochrome, vga, current.


After some debate about using sprite-lamp to make 4 sided shading/normals, we gave it a go and it looked great. (body only in the above image)



trippy placeholder backgroun replaced w waaaay better, way trippier background art. Normals added to arms too


Baddies…. baddies everywhere!



Sword, Magichand, shield arms added. Normal maps added for trippy backgrounds and more lights floating about the scene. Controls added to pan camera to follow mouse so you could see further toward spawners. Arrow keys to rotate player character.



screen era frame and shaders (nightvision,noise, and tiled pixelation) tweaked to get that monochrome feel.



screen frame and shaders for the vga era added and ui for upgrades.



bringing it all together w a cool lcd frame and ui

It’s 1983… if only monochrome looked that good

It’s 1990…. I miss the old dos vga days! The tiny gif makes it look almost full rez, but has¬†REALLY big pixels :)

Add modern era!


So that is our team’s journey through 72 hours of design to pushing that super scary SUBMIT button!


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    I assumed ludum’s site would add a “Read More…” somewhere. Sorry if the post was too long of a photo-bomb.

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