Snowman wants to tell you something…

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December 9th, 2014 3:32 pm

Hey! Snowman is actually pretty happy how everything went during this Ludum Dare even when his builder didn’t had too much time to polish or finish everything what was planned mostly due to school and personal life. Snowmen are deaf anyway so they don’t mind that there isn’t music or sounds much :-). They are also speechless so they can’t tell you what’s definitely wrong or what’s exceptionally good. If they want to tell you something then they have to create a big sign. Look at this one:

snowmanstrikeHe also thinks that leaving comment should be necessary if you want to rate! Not just this game, but in general. Why? I will speak for him because he can’t spend so much time with creating these signs… Leaving comment is important. It makes you feel good that you’re not the meanest person in the world when the comment is full of hate, words how your mom is fat, how your game sucks and how your life is so pointless that you should have jumped from tallest building already. And it makes you feel proud when someone says why he enjoyed your game. Rating without commenting is pointless. It gives you nothing. It gives us nothing as we (game developers) don’t learn from our mistakes and we wouldn’t know in which areas we are really good. So if you spent time playing someone else’s game, give him comment, even critical one! Snowman personally thanks to everyone who will be leaving comments from now on (until the database server burns because the number of comments overflow).

Another image summary for TLDR‘s:


4 Responses to “Snowman wants to tell you something…”

  1. SeriousDeath says:

    A comment on a post about leaving comments… How meta…

    Another good reason to leave comments is it provides people a way to directly access your game, and an incentive to do so…
    “This person played and rated my game, I will go play and rate theirs…”
    Not only does it give another developer feedback about their game, it creates a better opportunity for you to get feedback on your game…

    So, do as the Snowman says, and leave a comment so I know who and where you are…

  2. klianc09 says:

    Why can I only upvote this once?!

    I need a +100 button for this…

  3. ENDESGA says:

    Everyone needs to know this! Haha I’ve had 72+ ratings, but only 30 or so comments 😛

  4. udo says:

    Absolutely agreed.

    My game is getting pretty much no comments (exactly 2.5 comments but 11 votes) and I can see in my server log files that people are not in fact playing the game before rating. I can already guess what my ratings will look like :/

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