Ludum Dare Rescue Rangers!

Posted by (twitter: @Sosowski)
December 9th, 2014 6:33 pm

I’m going to launch this early this time! The thing is, games need a certain amount of votes to calculate a proper rating by the end of the voting period! Let’s help these games out!

If you start from the bottom, the list will shrink faster as more games will make it past the threshold, but don’t forget the others too! Let me know if there are any problems with the thing!

LD server banned my server so I have to update it manually every day! Start from the top this time! All is fixed!

Let’s rescue some games!

46 Responses to “Ludum Dare Rescue Rangers!”

  1. SuperDisk says:

    Oh no! My game is full of “typo bugs” that I’m weeding out! THEY’LL SEE!

  2. 6DownStudios says:

    Nice post, thanks for putting this together!

  3. el-pepi says:

    Thanks! I’m using it right now.

  4. YES! I’ve been looking for this.

  5. Jacksendary says:

    Well, I looked over a few of the games that was on top of the list and discovered that the guy(s) that had uploaded the first few ones had 0 “Coolness” in other words, they haven’t voted on anyone else’s game(s)… My point is that the voting session should be a something all that wants feedback and ratting should help with and not not leech on other to do the work, otherwise the system is simply just “broken”…

  6. Mechamew says:

    Brilliant Idea! You’re a king amongst men Sos!

  7. Wakka says:

    The best thing is that you see in the overview which platforms are available

  8. ilokimo says:

    My home page for the next 3 weeks!

  9. concalf says:

    i think does not really help either, as the default sort is by votes – as the rich get richer. (and often 0 coolness!)

  10. ponk says:

    That’s awesome Sos … !

  11. Tuism says:

    Lululululudum Dare! Rescue Rangers! Lulululudum Dare! What a Danger!

    Awesome stuff Sos! 😀

  12. hexagore says:

    Excellent. Thanks for doing this. I’ll probably end up playing a lot more games knowing I’m helping games get across the finish line :)

  13. sanchitgulati says:

    awesome stuff… my game needs this. 😛

  14. RougeRogue says:

    Technically, I sort of already am a rescue ranger in my own way; I’ve started making posts every now and then for people to give me their games to play! If you want your game played, check out the next ‘Rouge Rogue plays your games”!

  15. nokusu says:

    That is one kickass thing to do, to put a whole site to help out games ! I was quite surprised when i saw my team’s game got a bit of love :) You are officially awesome, keep up the good work and rescue those games !

  16. rabbit says:

    Good idea, Sos.

    I will rescue every one.

  17. indie4fun says:

    This is a great idea! I’ve ‘rescued’ a few already! More to play tomorrow.

  18. ehtd says:

    Great idea! I have found some gems in there!

  19. Kuupu says:

    Amazing initiative 😀 We are trying to rate at least ten games a day, those feedbacks are very important to everyone <o/

  20. alvarop says:

    Really cool initiative. Played a few and discovered a bunch of buried gems!

  21. Chaoseed says:

    Hm, why do we start at the bottom, when at the top are the games with the fewest votes? I’m just curious…

  22. lilag says:

    Wow, thank you! Ive found a lot of great games in this list!

  23. goodbadokay says:

    Some of those games really deserve better votes
    You are doing a great job

  24. I’m curious what do about this game. It has no game, its just a youtube video of the dev process. i could rate it based on the youtube video, but generally you don’t rate games you can’t play for whatever reason. Should i rate it or should it be removed because its an invalid entry? any advice.

  25. drnick says:

    LOL, did you get the “Fuck you! Sincerely, Sos” ? 😀 The creature rises against the creator

  26. puppetmaster says:

    very nice ! thats exactly fair for everybody. every game needs to be voted ! Thanx for this

  27. laaph says:

    I apologize, as soon as LD has been over, I’ve been kind of busy and I am not entirely certain I’ll have time to properly rate all the games.

  28. abdurrahmankh says:

    this is really awesome dude!
    how much votes a game needs to get crossed out?

  29. ForeverHumble says:

    Hey everyone…My 13yr old son made this game last weekend for his ludum dare submission. Let us know what you think.

  30. schnerble says:

    My game was probably on this list for a while, because I didn’t have any time to play anyone’s games last week. I caught up a bit last weekend, though. Thanks to those who tried mine out – but yeah, I’d figured I would’ve had a bit longer before anyone was worried about my lack of “coolness” : ) (will be making it up when I can)

  31. LastResortGames says:

    I am curious why they are considered rescued at 14. Although maybe that is the actual threshold and “about 20” was a suggestion?

    But either way this is a great thing to do. I am curious if this is to thank or if it is just an anomaly but there definitely seem to be a lot more ratings going around overall this Dare.

  32. RockhopperGames says:

    If we can get just two more people, there’s 30+ games we can push over the threshold! There’s a couple really good ones in there too! I’ve been rescuing all day, but I’ll have to leave it to you guys now. Good luck, let’s rescue these games!

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