For my own curiosity, I did a little searching.

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December 9th, 2014 11:04 am

I wondered how many other entries had games with wizards, so I put “Wizard” into the entry search field and found a single page. A paltry 18 entries out of thousands. “Are wizards losing favor?” I pondered. So I decided to compare a few terms to see how wizards stacked up:


Ah ha! Wizards beat pirates! But all were soundly thumped by:


Impressive, unless you consider:


Wow. And what about the internet’s eternally most searched term????


Ha ha ha ha ha.

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8 Responses to “For my own curiosity, I did a little searching.”

  1. RougeRogue says:

    Ninjas beat pirates!!! Yaaaaah! (ps. my game is about a ninja fighting pirates)

  2. Linear says:

    In our game, you play a Wizard character, although we ran out of time and it’s more “implied” than anything.

    It’s also 3D!


  3. andrewkennedy says:

    Proud member of the Pirate game club for LD31!

    I’m actually surprised there were that many!

  4. CrefossusJam says:

    Eat returns create, so search for ” eat ” (34). Same for cat (17).

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