Acceptable Post-Jam Update?

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December 9th, 2014 11:48 pm

Hello! After playing a couple hand-fulls of games, I have noticed a lot of the high ranked games support web players. I think with a bit more work (the loading files system) I could get Sol Defender (please rate if you haven’t) posted on my website.

My question is, what is an acceptable post-jam submission to you guys? And if you think this would not be acceptable then do you think that it would be okay to post a link in the submission description of the ‘unofficial’ web player? And finally, if both of those are not acceptable then what do you suggest?

Thanks for any reply and I really had a lot of fun during this Jam. I expect I will be back to try again next time ;).



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  1. Zi says:

    Hey reveriejake,

    If you look at the bottom of your game’s preview page, you should see very clear rules regarding post-submission ports and bug fixes. Hope that helps. =)

  2. kill0u says:

    It’s fine, it’s in the rules:
    “Porting (especially to Web or Windows) can happen after the initial 48 hours. The longer you wait though, the less time participants will have to play your game.”

    • reveriejake says:

      Thanks… Its starting to seem like I should go ahead with the port then :)

      • Soron says:

        Yeah, from my read of the rules, I’d say you should do the port. Don’t change the *content* of the game, but making it run on web (as opposed to standalone) sounds like it’ll be fine in all but very exotic cases. And you’d probably know if you had a very exotic case ;).

        • Zi says:

          I have a very exotic case of *something*… I’m just not sure what it is yet. :O

          • Soron says:

            Pretty much the only case where I can imagine file loading being counted as “content” rather than “porting” is if your original game did something like manipulating its own source to generate the data files, or steganography, or some such. i.e., cases where it would be pretty obvious from the start that you had a gimmick involving data files.

            Of course, you could have very exotic cases of OTHER things, but those shouldn’t affect porting too much ;). e.g., the exotic 15-key set of controls I ended up coding into my platform (I’m still looking for a 3-handed player).

  3. Sounds like a port, which the rules clearly say is OK; go for it.

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