Spockey – Retrospective

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December 8th, 2014 1:02 pm

So I’ve now had time to reflect on the my LD31 and my development of Spokey – Hockey in space (http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-31/?action=preview&uid=26938) and would like to share a few things with everyone.

When doing retrospectives I like to stick to a simple tried and tested formula that should make this quick and painless for everyone involved.

I’ll structure it into 3 main areas:

  • 3 things that went well
  • 3 things that didn’t
  • 3 things I’ve learnt

Yes I love them 3’s….

3 things that went well. 

1. I completed something – This is a big win for me as every previous LD that I’ve attempted to this point I’d failed to produce anything I felt happy sharing with the world let alone entering the Compo with. I take a real sense of satisfaction from this and helped my self-confidence no end.

2. I tried to do two new things and succeeded in both – I’ve always attempt to try new things at Jams and sometimes they come off and sometimes they don’t. This time they both did and it’s two things I’ve always wanted to get my head around for absolutely ages (physics and Game Pad support). I feel my game needed them and after some stuttering around I got both working exactly how I wanted.

3. Going to a hosted meet up – Previous LD attempts I had attempted to complete them at home and as pretty much bombed (due to distractions and life stuff). This time I signed up to attend the Google Campus meet up in London and it was an amazing experience.

For 3 reasons I recommend trying to find real world meet up (yes more threes):

  1.  Being around fellow people was truly inspirational
  2. Getting feedback about my game early helped me improve the experience no end
  3. Less distractions was vital, just being able to sit and focus in a place that wasn’t home was brilliant.


3 Things That Didn’t Go Well. 

1. Took me longer than needed to come up with idea – The idea I ended up developing was the second idea I had, I then spent 6 hours trying to think of alternatives none of which were any good. I know you have to assess all the angles but really I spent to long and was too indecisive.

2. focused on Art too much – I’ve spent a lot of time this year trying to improve the graphics in my games, this has been a real valuable thing to learn yet I felt it hurt me here. I spent too much time trying to find the right art balance instead of working on mechanics and features, my end product suffers from this.

3. Still need to learn sound – I hate doing sound, so I avoid it like the plague. ***Spoiler*** my game has a single sound effect…. Seriously need to improve in this area.


3 Things That I Have Learnt.

1. Trust my Instinct – If I know my idea is the one I should just start and fail fast, rather than mess about procrastinating for 5 more hours

2. Real World Meet Ups are Amazing – I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did without the help and inspiration at the meet up so thank you everyone who attended the Google Campus meet up in London (you know who you are)

3. Focus on Features First – Do art at the end not at the beginning, simple rule need to learn to obey it.


Anyway, if you’ve gotten this far thanks for reading and hope you’ve picked some things up….

I’m now working on what to do with Spokey next as I really like the idea.

I hope you get to enjoy the game and on wards to #LD32

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    Thanks for the write-up, interesting points.

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