Priorities, priorities…

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December 8th, 2014 12:00 pm

Sadly, it seems I won’t be participating this time around. I got kinda overwhelmed by the LD game and, more importantly, I’ve found myself longing to do other project of mine instead; and if I were to choose between doing another project or procrastinating while trying to make LD game, I’d rather pick the former. It’s not even “I feel like my game won’t be good enough”, I wouldn’t drop out for such a silly reason. Rather, I feel like I can’t bring myself to work on that project anymore; not today, at least.

I feel particularly bad about my partner who was doing the art; I hope he won’t be too disappointed. Pretty much the only gameplay-workable thing I managed to make was dragging items between shop display shelves and storage slots, as in the screen below:

(the slots background was made by me; other graphics were made by the artist)

Still, I do plan to stay cool (not too hard during winter, huh?) even if I won’t have a game to attract the attention to. After all, I’ve got player’s theme bingo to play~!

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