Pinball Wizardry: Done

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December 8th, 2014 9:10 am

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Well that was a fun weekend! Pinball Wizardry is finished and I’m pretty pleased with the results. This was my first time using premade, open source graphical and sound libraries, with a minimal touch of Photoshop and Audacity work to make some tweaks here and there. This was also my first time really pushing the physics functions of Clickteam Fusion 2.5, and the results are astounding. The game is fast paced with many emergent “Oh WTF was that?!” moments, something I’ve yet to achieve from any other game jam. I was able to build in a good balance between playability, ridiculousness, skill, and luck thanks to just some minor physics setting tweaks, kept accessibility high by only requiring use of the arrow keys (even in the menus!), and used as much visual feedback and mechanical progression as I could fit in to make the game as easy to understand and play as possible.

Pinball Wizardry 2014-12-08 10-50-56-95

Sadly, and as is to be expected, there are a couple bugs that elude me. For one, the left flipper sometimes feels “sticky” and doesn’t flip all the way up (despite my best efforts to fudge the joint and neighboring collision backdrop). Second, the ball will sometimes ignore the collision of the walls, frame boundaries, and flippers and fall away unfairly. Finally, sometimes when multiballs fall away they count against the life counter, but that one should be a lot easier to bug check at some point than the others.

If you’re interested in playing it, it should run on just about any Windows PC with DirectX 9 or greater. Due to how physics heavy it is, though, having a good CPU probably wouldn’t hurt.

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