The strict conservation of everything

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December 7th, 2014 3:22 am





Hi all!! Progress has been slow… (Also I avoided using “progress” in the title :P) But I have A GIF! WOO!


So what is the strict conservation of everything?

A lot of people said they hated the theme, that it’s too generic, that it was not “imaginative”… I didn’t think so at all! It really depends on how you “police yourself”. You can be as open-ended as you want or as tightly clamped as you want. The point is it’s really up to you!

So me, I took the restriction REALLY strictly – Entire Game One Screen meant that I could not instantiate anything into the game after it started. This had quite a few profound effects on game design:

  • No bullets. They weren’t there before the game started, they can’t be there after.
  • No “secrets out of a treasure chest” surprise. Same as above.
  • No destroying anything – well this wasn’t strictly in the rules, but if I took anything away from the game, it would empty out the game as it went on. And since I can’t make stuff, taking stuff away would be detrimental. I played with the idea of the subtraction being part of the play, but decided against it.

And so my whole game is designed around everything being there all the time! It is a versus arena game, and instead of guns and bullets, there are boxes, and six characters with different abilities. Each time a player died they randomly come back as another character. When boxes fall off the bottom they wrap like Bubble Bobble. Nothing is destroyed. Players are one-hit killed by flying boxes in any direction.

These are the six characters that I’m working on:

  1. Tosser – picks up boxes and tosses them.
  2. Punch – punches boxes into opponents and even out of the air
  3. Stompy – Kills by stomping – has a fast-fall stomp attack, could also affect boxes.
  4. Porter – randomly teleports a box from elsewhere on the screen in front of him, tele-fragging them if they’re caught by it.
  5. Amy – she throws boxes at an arc instead of a straight line. Possibly needs tweaking. (Amy because “aim”… Yeah I love terrible puns)
  6. Sucker – pulls a box towards him to surprise opponents from behind.


Now, have I gone and overscoped myself again? I don’t know, but at least it’s all just in one screen :)


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  1. BarrensZeppelin says:

    Can’t wait to try it out. :)

    Is it local multiplayer, online multiplayer, or AI? o:

    • Tuism says:

      Yay! 😀

      Local multiplayer… Unfortunately with the kind of crazy shit everywhere (platforms are all movable terrain, 6 abilities), I doubt I can even roll a dumb AI that might not just kill itself all the time XD

      15 hours left! OMG!

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