The queen has built a nest

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December 7th, 2014 9:05 am

There has been progress in my quest to build a single screen aliens simulator (Faster Than the Alien). The player controlled alien spawn grows and becomes a severe threat to those space dwelling hu-mans trapped in the same spaceship with it. When the alien finds heat and makes a suitable kill, where body can be dragged (read pushed)  there, it can start nesting and become a queen. An alien spawn hatches and starts to wander in the ship.

Faster than aliens

Alien queen has built a nest.

What still needs to be implemented (in order of importance):

  1. Spawnlings can go trough grilles. Adult aliens can break them.
  2. Moving bodies leaves blood trail (now there is just a pool of blood where the kill was made).
  3. Seeing blood makes the humans arm themselves. For now they just continue to wander aimlessly and run away from aliens. This means humans need a waypoint navigation system, state machine etc. nasty and complex game subsystems.
  4. Only the queen can be controlled directly. So a method to control newly born aliens is needed. At the moment I’m thinking about pheromones.
  5. Music & SFX.
  6. Balancing.
  7. Better graphics and animations.


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