Progress Update – Day 2

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December 7th, 2014 12:52 am

So far, so good! I’m making another platformer this time around, and I’ve decided to introduce the theme as a game mechanic in it.


If it doesn’t demonstrate the main mechanic well enough, the idea is that what’s on the screen is what exists – once it’s not in sight, it gets deleted.

Made a lot of progress today. Only had bare-bones tiles in yesterday, which is why I didn’t make a post then, but here’s what’s done so far:

  1. Basic map generation – Every vertical line of tiles is generated separately, with a chance for an enemy and/or a chest to spawn on that line.
  2. Player half-done – You can attack, move around and jump. Gameplay-wise, all that’s left is more stats for your character.
  3. Fully-functional enemies – Spawned in randomly, they leap at you periodically dealing contact damage. Basic stuff so you have something to fight.

Tomorrow, I plan to add player stats to the game such as attack power, speed, etc. Opening chests will give a random permanent buff to a random attribute. I also intend to make the UI during then. If I have extra time, I’ll also be improving the player art (and animating the player), draw a background and make the map randomly adjust the height of a line.

As for the UI, I’d like to dedicate a paragraph to this: Unity’s new UI system in 4.6 is awesome. Seriously. It was a breeze to create the health bar shown, and I learned how to do it in less than half an hour. Incredible improvement. Expect a way better interface than absurdly basic one I had last time.

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3 Responses to “Progress Update – Day 2”

  1. ceosol says:

    It looked fun, but also looks like you are moving the camera. Can you have the blocks and chests coming in without the camera move? That would give you “all in one screen” instead of all in one scene.

    • TeamQuadratic says:

      IMO I don’t think its necessary for him to do that. I think his interpretation of the theme works just fine. Things off the screen don’t exist any longer, so the whole game is only what’s being shown on the screen.

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