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December 7th, 2014 11:34 am

So I’ve finished the framework, and just┬ástarted to implement AI behaviours.

The idea is that you start with a single pixel on a 1024×768 “screen”. Then you have to collect the purple pixels, while avoid the red ones. Doing so will level up your character, and you’ll become a 2 pixel object, then a 3 pixel object, etc..

The purple pixels are moving randomly, the red ones will chase you, if you get too close to them. The player leaves a fading trail (without that the game looks a bit laggy..), that makes the level 1 player look like some kind of snake. You have two bar, a red one, that shows the xp level, and a white one, that shows the “saturation” level (you are a colored pixel after all..). If you collide with red pixels, you’ll lose saturation. If you’ve lost all saturation, you die (or maybe you’ll level down…).

Now I’ll make some new pixels and bigger objects, and then maybe I’ll make a zoom out effect after 4 levels or so (so you’ll see more area around you as you level up)

Oh, and have a nice compo/jam for you guys. ^^

Level 1 char

This is a level 7 char

This is a level 7 char

This was my first thought after I saw the theme.

This was my first thought after I saw the theme.

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