Progress on Protect-The-Thing-From-The-Snowmen Game!

Posted by (twitter: @davidscolgan)
December 7th, 2014 11:24 am

Denaje and I have been making very good progress on a towerdefensesque game where you protect a thing (currently just called “the secret”) from a horde of approaching snowmen.  You place down things like campfires to melt the snowmen, or high powered fans to blow the snowmen back.  Also there are patches of rock salt that melts them too.



The snowmen currently keep coming indefinitely, and so when I got back from the bathroom, I found this:



Ɖợ ỷσυ ẁấŋț ṭŏ ϸվȉḷḓ ẫ şᾒծԝḿαղ?


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