Progress. Also: Screenshots!

December 7th, 2014 12:44 pm

We have added shootygunrays (Laserbeams), collectible Items, Textures and Backgrounds, Animations.
Also the Soundtrack is now randomized everytime you switch the channel.

Hot to play:
You are a lost button, only able to switch to a random channel by hitting in yourself.

Collect the Remote-Points within the timelimit or perish!
If the way is blocked simply switch to another channel and hope for the best. But watch out for your batterypower 😉


2014-12-07_000052014-12-07_00016  2014-12-07_00010 2014-12-07_000132014-12-07_00009  2014-12-07_00017  2014-12-07_000212014-12-07_000222014-12-07_00019

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