This has been so much more brutal than my other 2 LDs.

I stayed up until 8am both nights because I had this jumble of game parts and a center, but it wasn’t coming together.  Then I finally saw what the game wanted to be…  it was so much further from my initial concept than either of my other LD entries.  I was very worried until I saw the proper scope finally at 11pm Saturday.  I commented out the jetpack and the guns, and now I have something that really surprised me because I never would have designed it.

If anyone spares a minute to try it out, I could use feedback.  I’m so fried I have zero clue if it’s fun, too weird, too confusing, too hard, too easy, or what.

You move with WASD, the rest should be discoverable by experimenting:

Sound is what it most needs, and light in-game instruction.  That’s tomorrow, though, I’m going to bed.  Hope I don’t sleep through submission time.
Good luck to everyone!


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  1. gronkwena says:

    That’s great! As you say it needs a little bit of instruction as to what the goals are, but it was actually pretty fun to play. I can see how it would be hard to play if you were dead tired though :)

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