Multiplayer, Snowfights and You

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December 7th, 2014 6:25 pm



We worked pretty hard today after a short night and made some progress!

Nina finished most of the graphics and animations that we need and I got all the physics more or less done. There are some things that are still a little rough around the edges but I think we can live with that as it is actually a working online multiplayer game with semi-synchronized physics and a semi-authorative server. I guess we may actually end up with a max of 8 players per game. Not because of the networking but because the whole game is on a single screen, so it will get pretty crowded quickly. The networking logic allows for random drop-in drop-out though, so I hope we will get some people to play together even though multiplayer games have a hard time during LD rating periods.

The game is a snow-fighting game with mining elements. You basically have to dig down to get snow and other utilities to help you in the snowfight. The whole game is on one screen meaningĀ there is only a limited number of cubes to mine so they will respawn after a while.

Tomorrow we will create some more extras (the mandatory pick-axe that makes you mine faster) as well as some auto-triggering bomb-tiles, create a GUI and communicate game progress better. Eventually we will also have to settle for a name… Snow Wars? Winter Wars? Maybe something without the word Battle or War in it šŸ˜‰

We are looking forward to playing this with you guys.

Congratulations to all people who are about to submit to the competition – you guys rock!

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