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December 7th, 2014 2:16 am


Time to give a sneak peak to my game. I draw inspiration from the first Alien movie, FTL and 90’ies game Space Hulk. You play as the alien spawn and try to breed (as that is what aliens aspire to do, right?). Unfortunately for the unlucky spaceship crew, this involves taking captures and defending the nest and territory. There will be some casualties for the AI controlled hu-mans, but that should not become as surprise to them – after all, all these dangers are listed in fine print on your contract with the megacorp, remember?

The game happens on a spaceship that fits on a screen. The player starts as a alien spawn born out of a first hu-man casualty. First you have to run and hide until you have grown enough you can try to take an human captive to be used as a host. At this time the humans will probably find out there is something fishy going on, so beware those flamethrowers. Dragging the unwilling host for your offspring behind you, you should find a warm spot in the spaceship to build a nest and start to reproduce. Nesting means you can no longer move, but fortunately you now have alien soldiers and alien drones at your disposal. It is time to be the insectoid mastermind that takes control of the spaceship before the hu-mans destroy your nest or initiate the self-destruct mechanism.

What I have:

  • A spaceship where you can walk around. Built from tiles and loaded from a resource file.
  • A player controlled alien spawn that grows to be a full grown alien.
  • Hu-man crew that wanders aimlessly. If it sees an alien spawn, it tries to catch and kill it. If it sees a full grown alien it will flee in horror.

What I still need:

  • Ability for the full grown player controlled alien to take captives, find a warm spot and build a nest. And indicators for these.
  • A state machine for the hu-man AI as the game relies heavily on interesting behavior of the simulated spaceship crew. Information propagation is also needed so that the first sighting of a full grown alien makes the crew to arm themselves.
  • Game ending conditions.
  • Sound effects.
  • Better graphics produced using Blender if I have the time (probably not).

I will probably not make it as I do not have too much time and the AI stuff is always prone to be more complex than expected. But I will do my best!


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