Cultural Influences Released

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December 7th, 2014 11:49 pm

My entry is called Cultural Influences, it is a satirical interactive experience that you will either despise and hate or laugh at.

Play and Rate

Without spoiling to much of the experience, here are three of the screens/levels/environments.






Post Creation thoughts:

I will be writing a full Post-Morteum later on, I usually wait until after comments have come in. There are several things that I want to get out now so here goes.

Firstly I had a lot of fun making this, Going into this Ludum Dare I knew that I wanted to make something that used an art approach. I recently graduated with a bachelor degree in Studio Art my emphasis was in Printmaking and Photography (I’ve done photography games in the past). This time I wanted to bring my printmaking background into it. All of the drawing were made in photoshop on a graphics tablet. So lets examine the art style a little shall we, at first glance a bunch of readers probably moved on already, the drawing style has the reputation of being able to be drawn by a child. The inspiration is drawn from about three sources, the first source is Ancient cultural artwork (Native Americans, Mayans, Egyptians, and so on), Second part is what is known as Outside Art [to most of the world, Art Brut to some] This is such a widely varying style that it is hard to give examples, basically Outsider Art is made for a small group of people to understand and not mass appeal to a large institution, The third and final bit of inspiration comes from so called Folk Art (Folk art and Outsider Art are often times the same) the emphasis with Folk Art is in story telling, and conveying the information, they would do this by emphasizing some elements and getting rid of others. With these three art styles I think brought my printmaking into it, I could screen print even single background that I drew extremely easily. In Screenprinting and most printmaking processes you work with blocks of colors, and don’t have the ability to create shading. So that is the reason and inspiration behind the art, the next bit that I knew I wanted to pull in was using my voice and experience from doing Let’s Plays in a way to narrate the story. The bottom line I had a lot of fun creating this, and I am happy with how it has turned out. This brings us to the next part.


The second thing is I already plan to release a post-compo version. There are several features that I cut out due to time, and this sort of game could always be expanded. I think my single biggest regret is my lack of ability at making music (background music is just from Abundant-music) I think that music for each stage could really push the game to the next level. So now the question is, would anyone be interested in creating music for the post-compo version of the game? It would be something like 6-8 20-30 second long songs. If you are interested comment/tweet.


This has already grown longer than I intended, so in closing I think what made this so much fun to make was the usage of cultural references (Books, songs, and games) and other cultural happenings that I’m not going to spoil. I will be making a post in a week or so that lists out where the experience draws inspiration from. But now it is time to get started on playing and rating some games. :)

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