Another Compo Another Failure

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December 7th, 2014 2:26 pm

This is my fourth Ludum Dare and so far the first is the only one I actually managed to get done in time.

My second attempt was hindered by an inability to choose an idea based on the theme. The third was just way, way WAY overly ambitious.

This idea felt fairly simple at first but between having a late start to the compo (3PM on Saturday), a killer cold that hampered productivity and a slight ambiguity of what the final game would be I found I wasn’t producing anything fast enough. This was compounded by my trying to simplify the idea as I went, to compensate for the lack of productivity. This simplification felt like the right idea but it only further muddied my idea of what I was trying to achieve. That said I think if I’d been able to focus on the correct parts of the game to begin with the whole structure might have come together.

I was going for a very simple network game and I feel as though if I’d focused more on the network side of things first and then worked on the game I’d have had an easier time as it would have allowed me to solidify the mechanics sooner. As I adjusted the idea to fit the time left, the game got more attention and the overall project lost its focus and flow. This combined with the overriding feeling that a network game would perform poorly in the voting by virtue of the dependence on other people ultimately meant that productivity plummeted throughout Sunday.

I had considered continuing tomorrow for the Jam but unfortunately I think it’s best if I just give up now and start again in the near future, I don’t think the extra time spent would amount to much of an improvement on the current state of the game. I have a couple of work projects that need my attention before Christmas is upon us.

I still had quite a lot of fun and I don’t see it as a waste of time or effort as I was able to improve several techniques used in previous projects and I feel like there might be something to the idea, once fully fleshed out.

Here’s hoping the next Ludum Dare will see me back on submitting form. I had hoped that the anniversary of my first Ludum Dare would be the project to see me get back on form but never mind :)

I hoep this was an interesting read and helps others in the future.

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