And this is it !

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December 7th, 2014 3:01 pm

Well, looks like I got a game done, I guess. Time for a little “post mortem”.

What went well

The coding part went pretty smoothly, partly because the game is simple. I had some struggles but more because of how tired I am than of any other reason.

I’m also quite satisfied with how the graphics render in this final version. Even if I find myself silly to not have tried to use unity features to create real lights… thought of it in the last few hours, not the right time to start something new. I used for all my graphics, and despite some weird tricks to know to do stuff, I liked this tool and will probably use it again.

My overall workflow seems to work pretty well too : once the idea is found, I made a todo list (with a mini scrum-like in mind) and tried to start with basic mechanics, to only start “options” on day 2. I worked with iteration, and I should have been able to release the game after each (see, scrum oriented guy here). But of course the last is the sexiest !


What went wrong

I am NOT satisfied by my final game. I mean, it is playable, finished with no known bugs. But it is far more simpler than what I expected to do for this Ludum Dare. The theme didn’t ring a bell, but once again it is probably due to my tiredness. I have seen over those two days many WIP from you guys that made me go “how did I not think to that !?”

I think I still lack of experience to get “good” ideas in a short time. And still lack of confidence to try to get myself in something bigger.

Music went…. silent.  I’ve tried in the last 3 hour to get something ok with SoundHelix (because sample on their site sounds cool). But I didn’t manage to get anything good. I will play with it until next time, to become able to have music in my games !


What I should change next time

I think… I REALLY THINK I should try to get some graphist friend of mine into it next time, and go for the Jam. It could help me go bigger, better.

Now, if you excuse me, I have a bed to talk to.


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  1. okkolobr says:

    Well, of course I forgot two points in this post mortem.

    First : Squares. During the week before the Ludum Dare, I start to warm up my neuron (yes, only one) by trying to think how I will manage the “art” part. For some reason known by my neuron only, I sticked with the idea of square. You know, they’re like gigant pixel. I was starting to imagine some squared planet in a squared universe. that kind of stuff. And then, the theme was revealed. And I kept my idea of squares as a personnal limitation. This is how I ended with Squareon.

    Second : Particles ! Some of you have noticed the fact I used some particles, lighlty, in Squareon. This is a unity feature that I wanted to try. I haven’t used them at their full potential but I definitely understand them better now. Learn so much about them during those 2 days, that for this only it was worth it !

    Oh, and while I’m at it : congratulations every one, there’s ton of fun games this time again !

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