The idea was born

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December 6th, 2014 2:08 am

When I heard the theme I wasn’t very optimistic. I can imagine whole level on one screen, but whole game? Finally I managed to come up with a few ideas, more or less fitting the theme. One of them was Tamagotchi. Why not? It’s a game on one screen. I was thinking about how to make it fun to play and then I’ve got a new idea. Why not to create a Sims like game?! You can have whole flat on one screen and still plenty things to do so I believe it will be great use of theme. And this is how my game idea was born – Life of a geek simulator.


My plan is:

  • Think about some over-hyped game features firstly (I’ve already got some crazy ideas)
  • Try some basic mechanics in stencyl as I am not a programmer and can’t say I’ve got many experiences with the engine itself
  • Start to work on graphics (which I will need a lot of, even though everything will be on one screen)

In next update I will show you some in-game graphics hopefully. I’m going for pixel art.

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  1. shcromlet says:

    I like that graphical style actually, even if it’s just intended to be a mock-up. I hope you keep it.

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