Sneaking in

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December 6th, 2014 2:01 am

Ok, sound like I’m in but a bit late to the party.
As I’ll use the same soft as every time, it doesn’t matter a lot I think. Still programming using vim, DOM js w/ prototype.js & the custom lib I upgrade a bit at each jam, making pictures with gimp.

The theme, only one screen.
There is no restriction on the content, only the form .A lot of idea flight in my head will taking my shower.
A tactical RPG was the one I loved the most while staying in the theme, but that require an awful lot of image for me. I’m not that good.
A derivation from @S0phieH linear RPG inspired by her Solid Sneak idea was a second choice but that’s too much ambitious, even by my standard.
Lot of little other thing too. An adaptation of rush hour for two player. Card game inspired by an old pixel art by @cellusious.

At the end, I think I’ll settle with a solitary. Simple card game. If it turn well and I’m ambitious, I might evolve it into the eve-online card game. But that’s really ambitious.

thank for reading me

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