Road Rage

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December 6th, 2014 7:35 am

I stayed up last night till 3am to find out the theme and immediately went to bed. (have to say I was a little bit disappointed (#snowman))
I woke at 11am, had breakfast and thought some more about the theme.
Not wanting to create a game that actually only has one screen, I thought of some clever ways to interpret the theme.
My initial idea was to create a game where you are an air traffic controller and have to manage incoming planes through a radar screen.
This idea seemed a little bit over my head and it didn’t sound that much fun to begin with.

I finally found an idea that I liked: a windscreen. You are a developer taking part in ld31, very excited for #snowman.
When you find out your theme wasn’t chosen (eventhough you made 80 dummy accounts voting on your favourite unicode character), you completely freakout and you decide to teach them a lesson.
You start your car and start driving. Soon you find yourself on a road with loads of game (deer). You want to get them all on your screen!

I loaded up Unity excited for my first 3d-ish game (I’ve only made 2d games so far). However, unity didn’t want what I wanted so I decided to port the little bit of code I already had to TypeScript with THREE.js. My experience with THREE.js is relatively limited, but I really enjoyed working with it when I did.

Everything is going great so far! I even came up with a working title: Road Rage (I’ll probably change it later).

Here is a screenshot of my current progress. I still need to lots of stuff (most importantly the windscreen), but I’m happy with where I’m at.

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