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December 6th, 2014 4:36 pm

So, this theme is literally my least favorite theme of the final round, but here’s a quick little screenshot of what our team’s got going for now.

The premise is that you’re a powerful wind wizard who is very old, and studying wind magic has paid its price upon your body.  You are almost completely blind.  However, you have a magic lens with which you can see the world.  On this momentous day, you decide to take a faraway journey to a young wizard rumored to be able to restore your sight.  Unfortunately, the forests between your two towers are perilous and filled with monsters.  No sooner do you step outside, when all of a sudden, you trip and your magic lens shatters!  You are only able to recover a single shard of the lens, and the forest monsters have carried away the rest!  Find your way to the young wizard while collecting pieces of your magic lens.

(Outside of the field of vision allowed by your lens, you’ll only be able to see certain things, as depicted in the picture)



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    • Linear says:

      I don’t know… I played slender for only like five minutes. Isn’t slender about some scary dude in the woods?

      But speaking of how the game sounds, we have a very talented sound person, so it’s going to sound amazing =D

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