#LD31 – Update 1:

Posted by (twitter: @Serious_Creeper)
December 6th, 2014 3:54 pm

Xeke and i made quite a bit of progress in the first day.

First let me tell and show you what the game is about: The idea is that the player starts in a ever expanding maze and has to fight monsters and pickup items, as long as he can. The twist is, everytime a room gets created, the camera zooms out to make sure that ever single room is displayed all the time. So eventually your character will become really tiny and it will be harder for you to navigate. On top of that, the rooms slowly disappear as well.


I worked on the room generating system (and the snowman) while Xeke worked on the character (kinda looks like gordon freeman) and the player controls and items.


Been streaming over at twitch.tv/seriouscreeper if you want to follow our progress :)



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