Cheap Peripherals – Day 1 Recap

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December 6th, 2014 8:53 pm

Well, in what seems like the blink of an eye the first day of the Ludum Dare is over. Here’s a quick recap of what has happened today in regards to my game:

Starting Area

Starting Area

  • My partner in crime had to bail due to unfortunate real-life circumstances
  • I spent a lot of time on IRC
  • I’ve got the starting area done, as well as object interactions, player movement, and collisions (after several hours of fighting with the code)
  • I’ve implemented a system to easily add walls/platforms/etc
  • I’ve implemented the main mechanic (screen dimming)

What still needs to be done tomorrow:

  • –Definitely finished–
  • Enemies & Death/Respawn system
  • Level design
  • Win condition
  • –Hopefully finished–
  • More artwork (background, walls+platforms, enemies, redo player sprite, etc)
  • Sound effects + Music
  • Polish

Overall, I’m in pretty good shape. I wasted more time than I should have, but what’s left is certainly doable in a day. I foresee nothing that may prevent me from finishing in time!

The current build is available for download, any and all feedback is welcomed!


A+D/Left+Right – Move Left/Right

W/Up – Jump

Q – Action Key (also temporarily exit button from the Platformer menu because the visual button isn’t working, mysteriously)


Good night and good luck,


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  1. DeltaF1 says:

    Looking good! I like the interpretation, as I said in the IRC chat. Can’t wait for some good ol’ fashioned platforming on a $5 monitor that I apparently need to continuously jiggle to keep on 😀

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