One Screen Game Progress Update 2

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December 5th, 2014 9:45 pm

Hi everyone I have been coding for about 2 and a half hours and have come up with a good idea and good progress on my game. (As seen below)

I have ran into the problem that Gamemaker Studio free can only had 15 objects in one game so I’ve had to work around that by keeping the same general themes for the 8 levels, Caves (Brown), Snow(White), Grasslands (Green) and Mountains (gray).

This has been a drawback and I have decided to keep going but next time I’d like to learn a different software to make games.

But regardless I will finish this game tomorrow, So Far I have implemented Spikes in the Cave levels that go up and down and if you (Player as the head) collide with them when they are out of the ground, you die.

I have also added some SNOWMEN to avoid in the snow level, as I know many people wanted the snowman as the theme so I decided to put in what the people want.

Although this is a very simple design and game, I’d rather have it simple and finish it then not simple and never finish.

As you can see you go through all biomes per say to get to the 3rd in the bottom row to finish the game!

I will work on the level design of the other levels tomorrow as for now I need some rest!

Good luck to all!

See you tomorrow!

Time Lapse and V;log will be posted when Game is finished on so Subscribe there to get update!


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