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December 5th, 2014 7:57 pm

Okay, so after a lot of thought I think I’ve decided on an idea that I like.


Basically, the player wakes up in his room, and can explore it as much as he wants, with interactables (doors,closet,etc), which just pop up a text box explaining that it’s too early to leave the room/the closet is empty/etc. There is a computer on a desk which proves to be the only interactable object that actually does something meaningful – when you activate it the camera zooms in on the monitor, and you start playing a platformer. I haven’t decided on anything specific about the platformer itself yet, that will come with time. Anyways, it plays as you’d expect a platformer to play, except there is a catch. To say that your monitor is “cheap” would be an understatement, and it regularly dims out to the point that you can’t see anything. Fortunately, you can fix this by whacking the monitor a few times, but you have to stop playing the game for a short while to do this. Meanwhile, the game continues to play in the background, not paused. You have to plan according to when your monitor will dim, and leave yourself in a suitably safe location while you fix it. If you die while AFK you must restart, as well as when you die in-game (obviously). When you finish the game, the camera returns to the room where you discover that it is now morning, and your mother is yelling at you from downstairs to come down for breakfast. *Cue fade to black*


I probably won’t do any work tonight, and will start early in the morning tomorrow. Any comments/feedback are welcomed, and appreciated!


Good luck everyone,


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  1. tudd says:

    That sounds like a really funny idea, good luck !

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