Theme Bingo~!

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December 4th, 2014 3:21 am

So you think one theme just isn’t enough, huh?
Well then, how about a nice game of Theme Bingo?

Theme Bingo card

The rules are simple: when making your game for Ludum Dare, you not only execute whatever theme wins in the final round; you also somehow include the other themes from the card presented above, so that themes used overall form a row, column or diagonal from the big, 9-fields wide square. The side themes don’t need to be followed strongly; as long as they’re alluded to somewhere (and aren’t all listed in one place without any relevance to the game), it counts. If you aren’t feeling *that* confident, you might want to use only the green, 5-fields wide square instead.
(if you plan to play the theme bingo, please let me know; I’ll prioritise your game when playing)

It can also work the other (and likely easier) way – when playing other games, you can try to spot alternate themes usages and check if they collectively form a row, column or diagonal (or a few of these).

Let the randomness commence~!

3 Responses to “Theme Bingo~!”

  1. LeoM says:

    Can be interesting, I”ll keep this in mind an report to my team. 😉

  2. Tesrym says:

    Haha! Only one Deja Vu!

    • Sunflower says:

      Yeah, there were 82 themes overall including Deja Vu duplicate, and I had only 81 fields. If there were less than 81 themes overall, I’d fill the remaining fields with Deja Vu, too.

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