In a strictly informal sense, I’m participating 😛

As a forth-timer, I feel that I can safely call myself one of the elite now, right? Right? Oh, I shouldn’t? Okay…

As always, I’ll be using Java and LWJGL, ostensibly because of the cross-platform support but really because I can’t work with anything else.

In past jams I’ve used 3D 2/3rds of the time, but this time I’ll be going 2D because 3D and pregnancy don’t mix. Or something like that.

GIMP for graphics, because it’s basically Photoshop for when you can’t afford Photoshop.

Sounds? Uh, microphone/sfxr/FL Studio/Audacity/whatever-else-may-have-slipped-through-the-gaps-in-tiny-brain. Thank you spellcheck for telling me that “whatever-else-may-have-slipped-through-the-gaps-in-tiny-brain” isn’t a word. I definitely was not aware.

Uh, for Skype I’ll be using Skype. Wait, that makes no sense.

I’ll be streaming? Twitch? It’ll probably be more interesting than sitting and staring at a wall. Probably.

Yeah, I’m great at writing these.

Anyway, have fun you rascally kids. Or rascally adults. I don’t judge.


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