I’m in (+Chronolapse problems and entry ratings)

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December 4th, 2014 4:31 pm

Woah Ludum Dare great fun videogames stream development tools tools workflow timelapse snowman potato etc etc.

Let’s get to the point.

I’ll probably be joining the compo, and will switch to the jam if I need more time. Tools:

  • C# – Language. Obviously superior.
  • Unity3D – Game Engine. Due to the awesome folks over at Unity giving away ~1,000 free codes for a month of Pro, this just gets even better.
  • MonoDevelop – IDE. Unity’s one weakness. I can’t afford the Visual Studio plugin, so I’m stuck with this.
  • Paint.NET – 2D Graphics. Besides the fact that it’s awesome and free, I have the most experience with this.
  • BFXR & Freesound – SFX.
  • BeepBox – Music.
  • Open Broadcasting Software – Streaming [Twitch]

As for a timelapse, I’ll be using Chronolapse, assuming it works. It keeps telling me it doesn’t have write permission, even though I’ve given full permissions to everything for the target folder, and ran Chronolapse as administrator. If anyone has a solution, please comment!

Hoping to do better than last time. Ratings weren’t good, and I procrastinated posting them, so here:

Someone told me my music was good. I still don't believe they were right.

Someone told me my music was good. I still don’t believe they were right.

Learned a ton about Unity platformers though, which led me to fix the super annoying “I’m stuck on this tile wtf” bug and optimize collisions at the same time. It even got me to start a Github project to make Unity assets intended for creating platformer games, which I’ll be using if I create a platformer this time around.

Anyways,  theme dare post wordpress vote potatosalad hope ludum snowman and good luck!

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7 Responses to “I’m in (+Chronolapse problems and entry ratings)”

  1. Magicolo says:

    You might want to consider SharpDevelop (http://www.icsharpcode.net/OpenSource/SD/Default.aspx) for an IDE. I’ve been using it with C# and Unity for a while and it’s been a charm.

  2. kburkhart84 says:

    I should mention that the UnityVS is actually free from microsoft now, if that is the plugin you were looking for. So you could use VS Community for free with it. It might not have resharper(as that costs money) but it is possibly still better than Monodevelop.

  3. Noah Constable says:

    About Chronolapse, provided you still want to use it and haven’t already figured out the answer to your problem.

    Pull up Chronolapse.
    Go to ‘capture’ tab.
    Tick the ‘Screenshots’ checkbox.
    Click the ‘configure’ button next to ‘Screenshots’.
    Then, where it says ‘Save Folder’ browse for you desired directory.

    Apparently, if you don’t select a directory, you can’t wrote the images to the disk.

    Hope it helps! ~Noah

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