I’m In – 3rd Time, Now With More Base Code

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December 4th, 2014 7:14 am

I’m in for my 3rd LD compo.

I will be using:

– Unity and the free iTween script from the asset store

– GraphicsGale, though just in case I will declare Inkscape on the roster.

– sfxsr/bfxr for sound effects

– I may use Otomata for music

– I may use SPArtAn for tile generation

– I WILL BE USING MY OWN BASE CODE, which I have expanded this time

– Available to anyone here:  http://ricefrog.com/UnityStarter/UnityLDStarterKit.zip

– It’s a Unity 2D skeleton of a game that includes many basic features such as:

* Some basic screen nav

*A GameController with state machine for playing, winning, losing, etc

*Empty “level generator” that generates nothing but is a placeholder to get rolling

*Controllable player that can walk and aim

*An example monster with no AI

*A projectile system

*Health and damage system with a rudimentary HUD

*Basic collisions between the elements above

*Some really simple “juice”

Idea here is there’s no actual meaningful game pre-built, but I do have a lot of the parts that I find myself building over and over again so that I can get to the interesting parts as early into the 48 hours as I can!


Good luck, everyone.




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