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December 2nd, 2014 12:21 pm

for the last Ludum Dare of 2014.

My tools will be the same as every time.

Platform: Web
Language: Dart
Libs: dartemis and other stuff on pub if needed.
Base Code: for setting up my workspace and some utilities to reduce the amount of boilerplate code
Graphics: Krita
Sound: Audacity and maybe bfxr
Other Stuff: a ☃ TODO list (first one was awesome, but didn’t even check everything on my second one, hoping for the best for this third time with a few more things to check and a ☃ to help)

[☃] Obligatory I’m in (3 days before the compo, woah I’m late!!)
[☃] Have a checklist (3 days before the compo)
[☃] Come up with an idea (basic idea 1 hour after LD started)
[☃] Sketch the idea on a piece of paper (11 hours after start)
[☃] Implement the game (started 11 hours after theme announcement)
[☃] Add sound (simple bfxr sounds 8 hours before the end)
[ ] Make it juicy
[ ] Have a winning/losing condition
[ ] Create a winning/losing screen
[ ] Create a menu for starting the game
[☃] Have a name (Shrunken Traveler, 15 hours before the end)
[ ] Write a description
[ ] Post the game (It’s neither complete nor fun)
[ ] Advertise the game
[☃] Write a progress report
[ ] Write a Post Mortem
[ ] Play and rate at least 100 games

Tried to do something for the MiniLD, but didn’t invest enough time and looked at dancing kittens all my prePURRration time instead.

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