The Season of the JAM

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December 1st, 2014 10:07 pm


The voting period of #indiesvspewdiepie has just ended, and #LDJAM starts on Friday! This feels like an early Christmas: I’m taking a little time off work, and buckling down to explore and prototype some interesting things.

My #indiesvspewdiepie entry was a fast-paced arcade bullet-hell; quite a departure from my usual inclinations. It was quite a lot of fun to make: simple collision detection, bullet-time, score multipliers… and a procedural star-field! If you’re interested, head on down to GameJolt and check out Gunship Souls. The idea with that was to attack the Titan Souls giant boss formula, but in a twin-stick or shmuppy setting. It didn’t turn out that way, but as a minimalist score-running bullet-hell I think it does quite well for itself. I’ll be working more on that later, after #LDJAM of course.

I’ll be entering the 31st Ludum Dare JAM under the banner of ZNCatLaw, as I did for the 30th not so long ago. With me will ride @clangmuir and @nomoon, now in their 3rd LD. It is also possible we’ll have a special guest doing sound-design? I’m not sure how real that is ^o^// We won’t have an artist, so I imagine we’ll be “borrowing” assets from other parts of the space again. If you are unfamiliar with ZNCatLaw, you can cozy up to us by checking out our past LD entries (Super Plumber Bros and La Roue de Fortune) or by peering longingly at the as-yet-unpublished Rock/Opera.


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