Free Jam Assets for Ludum Dare 31 (Jam Only)

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December 1st, 2014 11:39 am


Share any assets you make freely available in the comments. Art, Sound, Music, etc.

Remember: If you use 3rd party Audio or Graphics, or assets you’ve made prior to the event, you’re asked to opt-out of the respective categories (i.e. Audio, Graphics). That way, it’s more fair to people creating original assets during the event. You can opt-out by clicking the “opt-opt” checkboxes when you submit your game. *NEW*

Don’t Forget: The “Compo” is a from-scratch event. Assets found here are JAM ONLY!

Oh, and I’ve got a BIG surprise for you.

Featured Exclusive Audio for the Jam

Robert del Naja of the band MASSIVE ATTACK has generously contributed an entire CD of unreleased music for you to use in your Jam games.

10 Tracks, with full stems for the musically inclined. Perfect for remixing, mastering, and butchering to your hearts content (real-time mixing in game anyone?). If that’s not your deal, I’ve provided a RAW mixdown of each track (NOTE: I AM NOT A PRO), 10 WAV files ready to be encoded in your favourite compressed format (OGG, MP3, AAC, FLAC?).

The music is provided under the terms of the Creative Commons ‘NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International‘ license. That means you’re free to do whatever, as long as give credit, and what you make is free (i.e. non commercial).

A huge huge thank you to Robert del Naja and Andrew Melchior for making this possible.


Music (a raw mix of each): FLAC (195 MB), WAV (350 MB)
Music Stems (each song broken down in to tracks): WAV (2.1 GB)

Extras (Wallpapers!)

Robert del Naja has also kindly provided some photographs of his graffiti work. I’ve prepared some 1920×1200 wallpapers of them here:

1987 1988 1989

For those with screens of enormous DPI, you can grab higher res here: 1987, 1988, 1989.

34 Responses to “Free Jam Assets for Ludum Dare 31 (Jam Only)”

    • Jwatt says:

      Could you also link to the previous LD’s post on free game assets (that aren’t necessarily made by the community)? And if there’s gonna be some post about Ludum deals, they could be kept here too.

      IMO a megapost about freely/cheaply available swag is better than scattered posts that get lost in the blog somewhere. Easier to find and update one compilation for future LDs too.


    Guys, to show my support for the indie game dev. community I decided to create a page on my site with over 80 commercial quality music and SFX files that are available for download for free. Put those babies to good use!


  2. quantumpotato says:


    Record game actions, then play them back! Great for making clones of the player or having allies who mimic you.

  3. shvelo says:

    Pixel assets

    You can use anything from here:
    I’m not good at drawing but maybe it can be useful.

  4. GeeItSomeLaldy says:

    A bunch of tracks that I have made as practice and have no use for. Go nuts. Feedback is also appreciated.

  5. Sos says:

    Sos music is free for everyone to use! No credit required! Let me know if you can’t download something!
    There are a couple of drummy chippy tunes and a lot of instrumental atmospheric goodness for your art games on later pages! Check it out!

  6. My gifts for those in the jam, but ONLY if I’m directly credited for them in your entry:

  7. IonProgramming says:

    I’m no expert, but feel free to use any of my tracks.
    Just drop a comment in on SoundCloud if you do, as I’m curious to see if anyone will use them.
    Credit in your entry would be appreciated.
    Thanks, and happy coding!

  8. r2d2upgrade says:

    There isn’t much, in fact I discontinued it ages ago. But here is some stuff:

    And 3 tutorials as well:

  9. Cheshyr says:

    Curious: In the past, owned drum loops and sound sample libraries were allowed to be used to make soundtracks for the compo? Or did I misunderstand that? If it was allowed, before, is it still allowed now?

  10. RyanNielson says:

    A curated list of some great Unity assets for anyone planning to make a Unity game for Ludum Dare. I’m also looking for additions to the list, so feel free to submit pull request or issue and I’ll check it out.

  11. Flattened tesseract games says:

    Oooh, so this is what the teasers are all about…

  12. Muciojad says:

    Hello! If anyone is interested – I have some electronic music under CC3 license, check it and feel free to use in LD games!

  13. LeoM says:

    Great asset ! Thanks to Ludum Dare and Robert del Naja ! I listen all of it and most of tracks sound great for a game !
    I’m downloading the stems and I’ll take a look inside to be ready in 3 days if needed. 😉

  14. foumart says:

    All 10 tracks are amazing and really suitable for games. Thank you Rob!!! and all involved

  15. Roan Contreras says:

    This is amazing. Thank you very much, we’ll put this on a good use and mix :)

  16. Fanttum says:

    So if we just use these as samples, and mix them in interesting ways that set it enough a part from the original, does that count as an original work and useable for the compo as long as we do it within the 48?

  17. ZirconCode says:

    That’s amazing! Almost makes me want to enter the jam. Almost :p

  18. vontrapp says:

    Real time interactions and deep deep audio….. nice werk 😀 😀 😀

  19. Tuism says:

    You guys are all awesome!!! <3 <3 <3

  20. nbilyk says:

    Perfect, something to listen to at the coffee shop instead of ruddy Christmas music.

  21. disyman says:

    Hi there!!

    Just want to share some more free music and sound effects assets!!

    You can download them on my web:


  22. CTATZ says:

    YO! Cant wait for Ludum Dare this week. If you need free assets you can grab some of mine at: 😉

  23. chasewolf says:
    Feel free to use that track if you need some “retro” loopable music. Non-Commercial Share-Alike

  24. g_o says:

    I love MASSIVE ATTACK, so awesome of them 😛 !

  25. elijahlucian says:

    If Anybody Needs Voice Acting for their project! HIT ME! I am streaming on twitch and will turn around within a couple minutes!!!

    my portfolio

  26. raven99 says:

    Thank you Ludlum Dare and Robert del Naja for sharing your talent! 😀

  27. Mixer says:

    100th like. Yay for free stuff!

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