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November 29th, 2014 3:47 pm



So, once again, I’ve decided that public humiliation beats inactivity, so I will join this #LD48.

My last game project was last time I participated in LD48.. I’ve mostly forgotten how my engine works, and I’ve not worked on it since then… It’s in a horrible state, but I think it compiles on both Linux and Windows. I might setup an empty skeleton project before LD starts.

I’m going to use my ExcessiveOverkill engine library, together with the editor for it, and I’ll be building it my custom CI-System called “Contigrator”.
Writing everything in C99.

I’m going to use Gimp, Blender and maybe J-WildFire for visuals, and audacity and maybe sfxr for sounds.
I’m going to write code in Eclipse.

Links to the custom software.

Contigrator CI: http://contigrator.wizznic.org/jobs/

Engine: https://github.com/DusteDdk/excessiveOverkill

Scene editor: https://github.com/DusteDdk/eoEdit

I hope to see more custom/homebrew/from-scratch engines and this time around, those are the ones I enjoy trying out the most. Let’s all have a fun time!

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