Beta Test for Ludum Dare Skins

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November 24th, 2014 10:22 pm

I’ve noticed a number of posts and comments lately regarding the new style of the site — many of them negative and/or asking for something to be changed. Mike (PoV) cannot certainly please everyone — and he has bigger things to tackle like fixing the approval process and preventing spammers. Well, luckily there’s a technological solution that may be able to help satisfy all the varied tastes among the Ludum Dare community.

Enter what I’m calling Cutis (latin for “skin”). Basically it’s a little JavaScript widget that allows users to change to another skin.

Screenshot of the Cutis menu

Screenshot of the Cutis menu

Furthermore, it’s an entirely open-sourced project that anyone can contribute to on GitHub. My hope is that some of you with strong opinions and strong CSS/JS skills can help to create some skins for everyone else to enjoy. But please note that this project is still very much in a “Beta” stage. It’s not terribly simple to install, the current skins might be ugly, and it could cause things to break on the site. But whatever issues you have, you can always add to GitHub issues. Hopefully with some community involvement, this could be a useful addition to the site.

If you want to try out Cutis or learn more, check out the one-page site. Please let me know what you think of this idea in the comments below or @deathraygames on twitter.

Cutis logo

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